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I Love It! Introducing: the Oov!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

This amazing new device is called the Oov. Weird name, right? Well, the direct translation, from French, is 'open' and open it does! I had the opportunity to see how this little guy has and will revolutionize the movement industry.

A couple weeks ago I attended a two-day course in L.A. in order to understand how and why this prop works - I was not disappointed!

There are various ways to utilize the Oov: you can stand on it, lie on your side, lie on your stomach, push up against it between your back and a wall, and most importantly lie on your back.

The Oov supports your spine and creates the neutral spine position for you. This will protect your back from any strain or pain and make it much easier not only on you, but also on your Pilates instructor.

You see results at a far quicker pace because you maintain your neutral spine and from eccentric movement. I'm now able to move my frozen shoulder much more freely after only being on the Oov one session. It's that amazing!

Next up, I plan on attending Oov Course #2 and #3. They expand on this philosophy and involve the Oov on Pilates equipment - I'm very excited!

If you're still unsure, try a private session. It will 'open' your eyes and your entire body!

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