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We have been working with Daniella Fratangelo since 2009. In the beginning, we were very apprehensive about potential injuries during our Pilates training. We were please to find out Daniella had taken Pilates instruction in college and was taught how to prevent injuries. We had hit the jackpot! Our motto quickly became 'No sports injuries allowed.'
Daniella is a great motivator and very knowledgeable about health and fitness. She inquires about our physical condition at the start of each session and always structures/modifies the exercises to avoid aggravating any current ailments. We always end the session feeling awesome, even if one (or both) of us was achy, lazy, unmotivated, or generally annoyed before starting Pilates. We are fitter, healthier, more flexible, have better posture, and are in better physical shape than twenty years ago. Daniella is a true professional. She is highly skilled, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with. She develops individual programs and understands how to encourage and challenge with achievable goals.
We couldn’t be happier with the results that we have had. Even our chiropractor is amazed at what we have done to reverse aging & maintain fitness. At 64 we are very proud of our accomplishments under Daniella’s watchful eye.

Linda and Jeffrey

San Diego, California

I have been taking Pilates with Daniella since July 2010 and have been addicted ever since. Daniella’s thorough instruction is easy to follow and prides itself on each clients’ personal fitness goals. During our time together, she makes sure the session is all about the clients’ needs. She is patient and encouraging. I also truly enjoy a challenge when I work out because the results are rewarding, and if you want a challenge, Daniella will provide that challenge. Each session includes variety, which is amazing because you will not plateau.
I also love the fact Daniella genuinely cares about each of her clients and their fitness success. In my opinion, building a relationship with your clients is extremely important. I am glad I can relate to Daniella as a professional and as a friend. Our relationship makes our already fun sessions more enjoyable.

Andrea A.

San Diego, California

I've been extremely busy these last few years and not exercising like I should. I've heard about Pilates and its many benefits, yet never investigated nor took a session to find out how it could affect my life. Daniella offered the Special Introductory Sessions, so I thought, okay I’ll give it a try. From these sessions I concluded I needed this!
Daniella is very knowledgeable about Pilates and takes me through an overall body work out. She guides me, I follow, and an hour of real exercise goes by very quickly. The exercises are amazing and imperative for your overall body/health. These exercises are usually not included in your average day to day work out routine. They can be difficult at times, yet you realize they are working muscles you’ve never used before. Daniella encourages me, pushing me to my limit, and has me perform the exercises with great form. Great form means your muscles build correctly and this prevents injures. Many exercises are performed on some really cool Pilates machines, allowing you to focus on specific body parts and on the deep core muscles within your torso.
An additional benefit is since I have changed my lifestyle and now make the effort to attend Pilates sessions twice a week, I have become more aware of what I eat. I eat a bit less and a bit healthier. It works all together to produce a healthier body. And a healthier body means more energy, more productivity, and improves your self-esteem as well!
Ask Daniella about semi-private sessions. These sessions allow you to work out with a partner and may be a great alternative, if you’re on a very tight budget. I definitely recommend it!

Bill C.

San Diego, California

I have been taking Pilates with Daniella since May 2014 at 4.5 months pregnant. Daniella's custom workouts for me have been very helpful. We've been focusing on areas that tend to be more sore or need a little more TLC, with the ongoing changes of pregnancy, and carrying more weight in my belly.
I've felt so great keeping up my practice with her twice a week and plan to stay consistent until my due date. After this pregnancy, I plan on returning with my doctor's okay. Thanks to Pilates, I have more energy and I'm even more aware of my posture.
The CoreAlign apparatus has been my favorite. It allows me to stand up, have more control over my body, and feel secure all while working out.
Daniella is an awesome instructor! She's very patient, kind and encouraging. She also knows when to push you when needed. She helps me focus on technique and posture to ensure I'm getting the most out of each and every workout, while also tailoring my belly into each exercise comfortably. She genuinely cares about my fitness success and helps to make workouts fun each and every time we get together.
Daniella has become a good friend and what's better than going to workout with a friend, catch up and get a great workout consistently? Feeling great and you definitely need to give Pilates with Daniella a try soon!

Stephanie S. (8 months pregnant)

San Diego, California

I worked with Daniella in Las Vegas and LOVED every minute of it! She is such a wonderful, knowledgable, and friendly instructor. Her passion for Pilates and health is evident with everything she does. I'm so proud of her for building a business with these same qualities!

Courtney F.

Former Las Vegas, NV client now residing in Seattle, WA

I really enjoyed Daniella's Pilates class! As a Pilates Instructor myself, I like taking different classes in hopes of learning some new techniques I can take back to my students. Let me say, she certainly provided a comprehensive, total body work out.
Her creative use of the resistance band was something that was new to me, and really isolated the muscles we were working. It was definitely intense and took the workout to the next level! I also appreciated Daniella's attention to technique and her encouragement throughout class.
The icing on the cake, and perhaps the selling point for me to attend class while on vacation, was the rooftop views of the city. How breathtaking! The clouds cleared just as class was beginning offering a spectacular view and atmosphere for class. Thank you so much for the experience!

Tracey G.

Syracuse, NY

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