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About Avanti & Daniella

Private & Semi-Private Pilates sessions in Pacific Beach, La Jolla, San Diego, CA


Pilates Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Barre Instructor

Post-Rehabilitation Instructor

CoreAlign Instructor

Oov Instructor

Geriatric Instructor

In 2011, Daniella started Avanti Pilates with a unique training philosophy in mind.  Avanti, the Italian word for forward, personifies the mentality Daniella strives to instill in each of her clients: avoid plateauing, keep moving forward, and embrace one's full potential.


Daniella's Background: Daniella is a full-time Certified Pilates, Yoga and Barre Instructor with over sixteen years of experience transforming lives in San Diego and Las Vegas. Daniella graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance/Choreography, specializing in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz. An avid dancer since the age of five, Daniella was constantly taxed by the physical strains of dance. She began studying Pilates while attending school and immediately noticed an increase in flexibility and more tightly centered movements.


Having experienced the rehabilitative and therapeutic benefits of Pilates firsthand, Daniella realized its potential as a form of physical and mental therapy for those plagued with injuries and ailments. From then on, she dedicated herself to a career of helping others through Pilates. Exercise philosophy transformed, Daniella extended her training through the UNLV Department of Dance Division of Continuing Education Program. She earned a certification in Pilates Mat Work & Pilates Apparatus with a focus on movement analysis, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation.


Gigs and Continuing Education: In May of 2012 Daniella worked closely with the performers of Cirque de Soleil's Totem tour. Her Pilates instruction helped Cirque de Soleil's elite athletes warm up before they took the stage and helped them avoid injuries. 

In October of 2013, Daniella began teaching on the CoreAlign, a full-body, mobility, and standing-stability apparatus used by physical therapists. CoreAlign is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and general exercise.


In 2015, Daniella completed the Lolita’s Workshop for Seniors through Pilates Anytime and PMA. With this continuing education course, Daniella can effectively modify Pilates for elderly clients, making the exercises safer, more effective, and more enjoyable. 

In March of 2015, Daniella began teaching Pilates Mat classes to the residents of White Sands of La Jolla continuing care retirement community. Her continuing work with the retirement community in San Diego has been nothing but joyful and inspirational.


Daniella taught a Pilates Mat class at the UCSD Geriatric Interdisciplinary Symposium in October of 2015. She demonstrated the benefits of modified Pilates exercise and technique to the physicians attending the conference. She hopes to repeat the wonderful experience by returning and delving deeper next year!


Daniella earned her certification in Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, by completing the Bird Rock Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program in May of 2016. She plans to further explore the therapeutic effects of Restorative Yoga and integrate it into her practice.

In early 2017, Daniella attended a 2-day Oov Fundamentals course in L.A. The Oov is a device that has transformed how she teaches Pilates and her clients love it! What's great about the Oov is it supports your spine and creates and maintains the neutral spine position for you. It feels wonderful!

In August 2017, Daniella decided to take another leap of faith and try her hand at Barre classes. She became certified through Barre Body in Pacific Beach and teaches every Friday at 10:30am and 12pm. She loves the combination of barre work, Pilates, ballet, and yoga and truly believes barre work and Pilates complement one another.

True to the Avanti Pilates name, Daniella is always seeking ways to learn, grow, and expand her practice. By taking her continuous, cross-discipline training and experience and integrating it into her instruction, Daniella provides a fulfilling and rejuvenating way to transform body and mind, helping clients gain confidence and feel amazing about their bodies!

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