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Benefits of Pilates

Happy Man

lowers stress levels

Pilates benefits our emotional well-being. It reduces our blood pressure, which lowers our stress, as we perform continuous, smooth movements. Our circulation improves due to the lengthening and strengthening of our muscles, and muscle tension is now released. Our mind becomes peaceful and tranquil while soothing our nervous system. After every private Pilates session, we’ll feel serene, collected, and rejuvenated creating a healthier mind & body.

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

any BODY can do it

Pilates is an extremely flexible exercise method and safe for most everyone. Modifications control the intensity of each exercise, ranging from beginner to advanced. Most exercises are low impact and partially weight bearing. Pilates was originally used to rehabilitate injured soldiers, so it's no surprise it is used today in physical therapy facilities to rehabilitate injuries. Each day is different, so adapting the exercises enables us to obtain a workout that best suits us for that particular day. 

Tree Pose

enhanced coordination and balance

Our Pacific Beach Pilates practice allows the body to move with power, strength, balance, and coordination. When coordination is in full swing, our muscles move cohesively in order to achieve specific movements and execute them smoothly. And when balance is easy, our muscle movement, inner ear input, hearing, and vision are at their best. Increased core strength, flexibility, concentration, and coordination all contribute to balance as well. Both reformer Pilates and mat Pilates enhance muscle tone, emphasizes symmetry, counterbalances musculature, sustains beautiful posture, and educates us to move with ease and finesse. 


develop core strength

The deep muscles within the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor are our core muscles. During our San Diego Pilates practice, we use these muscles to create a strong, limber back, giving us excellent posture, thus making our bodies more agile. Now the frame of the body is reinforced and the joints and muscles are unaffected. The core performs its' main functions, while the shoulders and neck become loose and relaxed.

Yoga Ball

improves posture

A powerful core combined with great alignment creates amazing posture. Our body's range of motion increases and can now move more easily. Great posture relieves stress on the hips, legs, and feet and eliminates neck aches, backaches, and headaches. Once we achieve good posture, we'll be able to breathe deeply and fully. Similarly, breathing well is essential to good posture. Don't forget, great posture also radiates an attitude of confidence!

Brain Sketch

concentration and memory improves

“A group of researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reported in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health that people have significantly superior brain function after a mindful movement practice like Pilates.”


Pilates increases our attention by utilizing the concentration and precision principles. During our Private and Semi-Private Pilates sessions the brain precisely controls our movements, increasing our memory-processing speed. Thus, we are able to think, learn, and memorize more effectively!

Yoga Session

mind-body connection

As Joseph Pilates has written, Pilates is the “complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit.” With the Pilates Method, each individual movement is made with absolute concentration. This brings a unionization between mind and body, allowing us to progress and advance within each exercise. Breath, centering, concentration, control, flow, and precision are the six key Pilates Principles that help unite the mind & body.

Ashtanga Yoga

increase flexibility

Pilates uses stretching techniques to lengthen the body and increase flexibility. Stretching pumps crucial nutrients to our muscles and tendons and helps diminish the possibility of injury. Stretching also activates the creation of joint lubricants (synovial fluid), which prevents adhesions. Increased circulation from stretching relieves stiffness, aches, and fatigue. Suitable physical exercise is imperative to controlling arthritis, a common condition these days. Stay active to stay healthy!

Laughing Yoga

mood improves and energy increases

Our Pilates practice, located near La Jolla, is a form of strength training and exercise. It allows an increase of blood circulation throughout our bodies, stimulates your muscles, and produces endorphins. This overflows the body with good feelings and helps reduce negative emotions. Once our mind is calm and happy, stress and anxiety fade away. The more we exercise, the better we feel and our energy levels increase. And now the addiction, albeit a good one, begins! 

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