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Pilates Around the World: Chicago!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

While exploring Chicago, not only was I checking out historical landmarks and popular sites, I was also looking for the perfect backdrop for my next Pilates picture. And then I saw it -- the GIANT reflective bean!

The famous Cloud Gate in Millennium Park was great, but it was cold for this Southern Cali girl. Jeans, boots, and frigid autumn temperatures were not ideal for such an advanced Pilates exercise, but I couldn't pass up the chance to pose in front of a giant, reflective bean--one of Chicago's most iconic landmarks! So I warmed up a little bit, stretched out my hammies, and decided to perform Joseph Pilates' Leg Pull Back. The Leg Pull Back strengthens your hamstring, glutes, and back, engages your abdominal muscles, and fosters increased shoulder stability. It's such a great exercise to open the entire front of your body - so needed these days!

I am waiting to see when I can return to Chicago. It was such a fun and educational trip. I can't wait to explore and bend a bunch more throughout the city. Until next time!

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